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The love that thorns wrap around
It brings us into insanity
The light of a new day
Always feels the best
When we walk on the street
The wind is our wing to life
Together we feel nothing 
But as we grow it’s a feeling
The days we pass together
A tornado of falsehoods
We begrudgingly live our lives
But surprisingly love it
The paths that we’ve chosen up till now
Our, our lives
Its ok
We feel them together
As we race down the path
We don’t take stops along the way
Its fine, its fine
I like it this way
The breeze washing our faces
Together, we’re happy
The days turn into years
And we still live
We like these days now
As thorns cut our skin
We brave our feelings
The ways we learn to pass the time
Its always a bitter feeling
A light at the end
Its always like that
But we don’t think anything of it
The rays of sunshine
It always hurts my eyes
Its fine, I’m ok
But I really want something sweet
We caress the waters of life
Caring the days away
The thorns breath roses
And we pluck them


wrote yesterday to 【音質向上】 悪ノ召使 -REMASTER- 【合唱】 [link]
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September 18, 2012
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