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Hey, hey do you have some time
Cuz I’m feeling like talking
Hey do you like the feeling of the wind
The brushing of a caressing ocean
I like them
Do you
Hey do you have some time
I want to talk to you
I like roses 
do you
I like the bitter feeling 
When you try to hold one
But I guess you don’t
Hey do you like to dance
Do you like the racing of your heart
Hey do you…
I feel like I’m rambling
Hey are you listening
No you weren’t
But its fine
I like it anyway
Hey, hey
Do you like the falling feeling
When your jumping
I’m sorry
But I really feel like talking
I like this feeling bubbling
And they pop
But its fine
You like it anyway
Do you like the grass
When you roll in it
Do you like when…
Hey do you…
Listen do you…
Um, Hey do you…
Hey listen…
Do you...
I feel…
Like I like you


wrote yesterday to this very cute song I Like You, I Love You - Kagamine Rin [link]
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September 18, 2012
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